5 Weirdest Restaurants In the World

From the best cuisine to local meals, you may have had them all. However, there are quite a few restaurants that you may never have thought had existed. Here is a countdown of the weirdest restaurants in the world:

weirdest restaurants

5. Taipei City, Taiwan Province, China – The Modern Toilet

All your younger years and as you grew, you were taught different stages of etiquettes. There was the dining, the bathroom, and toilet, the speech pattern, etc. However, all of your teachings are being defiled in this restaurant. This is mostly because there is no difference between a dining and a bathroom etiquette.

5 Weirdest Restaurants In the World 3

One of the owners conceived this idea on a toilet seat. People claim that the owner was reading a newspaper on the toilet seat when the idea came.  They only sold ice creams which were in containers that looked like squat toilets.  It, however, became very successful and a fully equipped bathroom themed eatery came to life. Today, there are branches all across Asia and it intends to expand.  If you are the type that experiments, you can try this place out, given that you are curious enough. Continue Next Page by clicking NEXT below

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